Activities in Zambia, second half 2005

Saturday 31 December 2005, by Rebecca Monde

    The other program is the women enterprise development program where the Micro, and Small businesswomen are trained in business Management skills. CHD has been holding workshops in our three catchment areas in Mumbwa, Lusaka and Kabwe in partnership with Private Sector Development program (PSDP) on cost sharing basis The objective of these workshops is to empower women conduct their businesses profitably with high turn over. We have a total number of 2084 women in five districts. 564 were trained this Year in start and improve your businesses.
    In Primary Health Care. A group of women were being identified with chairperson in all our catchment areas, these women spearheads the groups and help to reduce the high rates of HIV|AIDS and other killer diseases through health education and awareness compaingns. CHD has successfully run the projects intended in all our targeted areas. We have recruited about 700 women in all our areas. Our aim is to reach all the people in need.
    CHD is interested in behavior campaign of the community. In the year under review 12 workshops were held in Mumbwa, Chipata Kabwe and Lusaka. CHD in conjunction with District health hospitals trained to community counselors to continue spearheading the behavior change. The involvement of PLWHAS has seen positive results of voluntary counseling and testing. Patients have been cancelled and tested and announced their status to their close relatives. Some families that rejected some of their members have readmitted them are affirming that they have known that they are not alone in the tragedy. The results indicated that increased sensitization, information sharing amongst families, Care and encouragement would promote the dignity and self-esteem of people living with Aids and enhance acceptance in the families.
    In Lusaka we have two community schools namely: - Misisi community school which has a total number of 403 pupils, with one coordinator and four teachers. - Peace community school has 191 pupils, with 1 coordinator and 4 teachers. KABWE There are two community schools in Kabwe, namely: - Natuseko community school has a total number of 120 pupils, with 1 coordinator and 3 teachers. - Ngungu community school has a total number of 132 pupils, with 1 coordinator and 4 teachers. MUMBWA In Mumbwa we have 2 community schools namely: - Hope community school which has a total number of 98 pupils, Mwambanzovu community school has a total number of 168 pupils, with 1 coordinator and 3 teachers. CHIPATA In Chipata we have 1 school namely: - Malochi community school, which has a total number of 114 pupils
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