Here you can find information about activities of the humanist Movement in India

Actividades en India segundo semestre 2005

Español abajo Social projects Free night schools and other social projects continue being developed in Pallikonda area of Vellore, in more than 20 villages; responsible Mr. Krishnakumar, Mr. Dinakaran and Mr. Mageshkumar. in Sholingur In Tiruvannamalai, a Humanist center was opened 6.12. and it will be a meeting place for different currents of thought and

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Visita del Apoyo central


Consejo Sigma (sector apoyo central) Este semestre además contó con la visita del sector apoyo central a India donde abrirá una nueva línea. Se visitaron varios puntos, iglesias, aldeas, etc. Y se rescató un gran interés por lanzar el Partido Humanista.

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Different projects of youth, women , education for Dalit people

Español abajo Iota council. Vellore, Tamil Nadu. We had qualification meetings for the orientors of the Humanist Movement; besides, the Dalit Student Federation had monthly meetings. Sholingur, Dalit Peoples Social and Educational Trust. free tuition centers in 10 villages, Night Schools, special coaching in evening. Computer center giving special courses for rural children, with a

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Second semester 2003

Teachers federation- Dalit Student Federaton- female Education- Night School- Computer training center Vellore, Tamil Nadu Humanist Movement Computer Training Center The Vellore humanist movement has running a free computer training centre at Neelaganarayanpet, Near Sholinghur, Vellore District. Presently 100 poor remote village children are benefited out of this centre. The institute was started and inaugurated

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