Second semester 2003

Teachers federation- Dalit Student Federaton- female Education- Night School- Computer training center Vellore, Tamil Nadu Humanist Movement Computer Training Center The Vellore humanist movement has running a free computer training centre at Neelaganarayanpet, Near Sholinghur, Vellore District. Presently 100 poor remote village children are benefited out of this centre. The institute was started and inaugurated

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Activities in Denmark second semester 2003

The personal work meetings have continued in the homes of the participants. We have kept approximately 2 meetings in a month. Speech for Brussels As representatives of the Humanist International in Denmark and Finland, we composed a speech which was then presented in the Humanist Party’s event «Active Nonviolence: a political and democratic force» on

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Segundo semestre 2003 en Chile

Educación para la no violencia Curicó, en un jardín infantil llamado “Los Duendecitos”, se realizó la serie de diez talleres de Educación para la Noviolencia Activa, en los que participaron todos los profesores y administradores así como las cuidadoras de los niños. Al final de la actividad se entregaron diplomas. Estos talleres también fueron reproducidos

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Activities in Zambia, second half 2003

Women’s micro credit groups- Rehabilitation of street girls- Entrepreneur Training for Small and Medium Business Women- Health awareness campaigns and home based care Women’s micro credit groups The Community for Human Development helps women groups to form and administrate savings circles in a very low interest loan scheme with a bank. Rehabilitation of street girls

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