Activities in Zambia, second half 2003

  • Women’s micro credit groups- Rehabilitation of street girls- Entrepreneur Training for Small and Medium Business Women- Health awareness campaigns and home based care
    Women’s micro credit groups The Community for Human Development helps women groups to form and administrate savings circles in a very low interest loan scheme with a bank. Rehabilitation of street girls CHD is teaching income generating skills for street girls in different districts so that the girls can stop being prostitutes and rather make a living than go towards dying. Entrepreneur Training for Small and Medium Business Women Together with the goverment and funded by European Union, the CHD keeps one week long business skills workshops for women who want to start or develop their small or medium sized businesses. The course has been very highly praised by both the participants and the authorities. It has been kept during the year 2003 in Kabwe, Mumbwa and Lusaka. Health awareness campaigns and home based care The members of CHD also have been active in helping people who are sick with HIV/AIDS and keeping awareness seminars about HIV/AIDS.

  • Community Schools
    We continue our activities in Congo – Kinshasa, where five associations which work in different fields (the promotion of women, agricultural cooperatives and students) have joined the Humanist Movement. Now we are trying to finance a machine for making detergent soap, until now all the process is made manually, organized as a cooperative in which the resulting benefits serve to finance other projects, which all are of assisting character; in all of them, all those who participate or encourage this project benefit in this solidary chain. We estimate that this can produce up to 500 little pieces of soap daily, and that pays back this first investment and allows the support for other projects. The fight against AIDS continues to be other of the realities with which here we are living daily and one of the priorities of any social project which tries to better its surrounding. In this sense information is the first step of prevention; because of this we put in motion a campaign of information, this is the other of our priorities. Workshops of personal development are continued to be held with the idea of developing nonviolence as a new attitude of facing life, an attitude that is capable of changing the living conditions of the persons.
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